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When it comes to reliable and safe concrete molding and machine, people all over the world turn to Shandong Haiyu Industry Co., Ltd. Haiyu Industry’s origins date back to 1990 when the company was established. Since over inception, we have never ceased to providing innovative and precise concrete molds and machines that reach the demands of our customers. As a reward, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise on technology and manufacture capacity on the molding and production of concrete poles, piles, pipes and so forth. Haiyu Industry today has more than 120 dedicated employees and 25,000 square meters facilities, helping us receive continuous approbation from a great range of customers. Read More

Main Products

      ● Concrete Pole Centrifugal Spinning Machine
      As most important concrete pole plant production machines, centrifugal spinning pole machine is used to produce prestressed and reinforced concrete spun poles widely used in East Africa and Southeast Asia countries.
      The centrifugal spinning machine consists of foundation, wheels, shaft pedestal, motor, control cabinet and drive shaft. When manufacture, the pole mould is firstly filled with a reinforcement cage and proper amount of concrete, and then the mould is installed onto the centrifugal spinning machine and rotates along with the machine for a while.


      ● Concrete Pile Mould
      Concrete Pile Mold is most important equipment for concrete pile production. Not only a forming mold but also a equipment bearing pre-tensioning force. Concrete pile mold is easily deform and damaged because of vibration force, centrifugal force, heat stress and fatigue stress. So, when designing , besides precise measurements , simple structure and convenient assembly, concrete pile mold also needs enough strength and rigidity .
      There are two kinds of concrete spun pile molds: circular and square pile mould.


      ● Concrete Pipe Machine, Roller Type
      In the roller concrete pipe machine, the main body is assembled by 8-10mm thick steel plates. The roll shaft uses seamless steel pipe, with a thickness less than 30mm. As for the moveable frame, it's made from 12 mm thick steel. To ensure stable operation, the variable speed motor used is from famous brands and all devices in the power distribution cabinet are introduced from Schneider, with high quality and reliable performance.


      ● Concrete Pipe Form, Centrifugal Type
      In the manufacture process of rcc concrete culvert pipes, rcc concrete pipe mold rotates under the action of centrifugal force, concrete is distributed evenly and covered on the inner wall of concrete pipe mold. Rcc concrete pipe mold is an easy-to-operated and efficient device for producing rcc concrete pipes.


Concrete Spun Pole Plant, Kisumu, Kenya
With the expected capacity of 100 concrete poles per day working 10 hours, we design a concrete pole plant with steel warehouse covering area of 20*60.5 square meters. To guarantee the productivity and working efficiency, many automatic concrete pole machines are used in production. With two months’ trial production, this concrete pole plant have delivered more than 3600 concrete poles to KPLC for the first order.

Concrete Electric Pole Plant, Dhaka, Bangladesh
It’s a complete and standard turnkey concrete pole plant. From the machines model confirming, land measuring, steel workshop and warehouse design and building, engineers sent to installation and commissioning, trial production, by now, this concrete pole plant has put into production more than six months and every month there will be more than 3000 concrete poles delivered to BREB with good quality concrete poles.

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